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We're committed to providing immersive public art experiences, cultural collaborations and educational events that encourage interaction and discovery with the power to bring communities together.
Gopal Rajegowda
Senior Vice President
Commissioned Artwork
The Wishing Tree

A unique site-specific installation that pushes the boundaries of art and technology, this LED banyan tree serves as a new community gathering place in Downtown West Palm Beach.

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Water Pavilion West Palm

Created by international artist Jeppe Hein, this playful social sculpture comprised of ever-changing vertical columns of water entices visitors to jump in and cool down.

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My East Is Your West

A thought provoking LED installation encourages viewers to reflect upon social, political, and geographical boundaries and identities through the sequential lighting of letter that reveal a special message.

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Neighborhood Murals

Artistic discovery awaits around every corner of The Square. Bold and bright murals of inspired by the neighborhood's foliage and one-of-a-kind geometric patterns adorned the facades along Rosemary Avenue and beyond.

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Coming Soon

World-renowned Yinka Shonibare unveils wind sculpture located at 360 Rosemary

British Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare, CBE celebrates the diversity of communities and highlights our connections through Material (SG II, the latest addition to his Wind Sculpture Series. Commissioned in collaboration with The West Palm Beach Art in Public Places (AiPP) Program and City of West Palm Beach, the vibrant artwork furthers the thriving 72-acre neighborhood’s mission to become a culturally rich district.

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Current Programming

Rosemary Square partners with New Wave to host Artist-in-Residence program

The Square welcomes mixed-media artist Joiri Minaya to the third iteration of the New Wave Artist-in-Residence program. The residency program, founded by Sarah Gavlak, fosters a vital dialogue around diversity, inclusivity, immigration, and equal rights for women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ communities through public and artist-in-residence programs for emerging artists from underrepresented communities.

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Spotlight on Arts Programming
A new gathering place that pushes the boundaries of art and technology
Spotlight on Arts Programming
Shared experiences and memorable moments through community activations
Spotlight on Arts Programming
A social sculpture inviting guests to explore inside

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